What's in a name?  

That’s a loaded question for King Realty.

For starters, the people behind it are Andrew and Rachael Ong whose last name means king in Chinese.

But there’s much more to it than that. For Andrew and Rachael, their company’s name has a lot wrapped up in it:



Kindness to clients and colleagues 

Integrity in business and personal dealings 

Negotiating the best deal for clients 

Giving back to the community and giving glory to God


They want their clients to be confident that they’re getting the best. This means not settling for anything that isn't the perfect place for their clients to call home.


This passion for real estate and being trustworthy purveyors of it started a long time ago for both of the Ongs.


Andrew's grandfather built a real estate legacy in Malaysia, and Andrew collected rent for him as a child. When he went to college, he would buy houses and rent them out. And even when he moved to London to do corporate consulting and risk management, he invested in real estate back in KC.


Rachael remembers flipping through the real estate and architecture magazines as a child in the grocery store. Born and bred a Kansas City gal, Rachael grew up in the historic northeast. She's been invested in the city her whole life and knows its neighborhoods like the back of her hand.


Married in 2012, Andrew and Rachael now share their love of real estate and business with one another. They also share it with their daughter, Avigail, who was born in 2016. Their desire is to bring Avi along for the ride at King Realty, and as she grows for her to help with painting, cleaning, and preparing their properties. They want to instill the same integrity and work ethic they put into their business into their daughter.


Andrew and Rachael have degrees in business (MBA and BBA respectively) and are licensed real estate agents. Andrew's background in business consulting and risk management has made him an expert negotiator. 


Rachael worked at a major real estate company for several years doing management for over 500 properties, so she knows the inside outs of the industry.

The Ongs use these skills and experiences to find their client the perfect place. As Rachael says, "Why would I force you to live somewhere you don't want to? I want the best for you. We want to be part of you finding your home."

"Andrew and Rachael's goal is to be a pair of straight-shooter their clients can trust"